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Lifeline Care

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Lifeline Care Breastfeeding – from birth until you finish breastfeeding

Application: Lifeline Care Breastfeeding is a complete nutritional supplement for use from birth and until you finish breastfeeding. It contains all the important nutrients that you and your baby need during this phase of life.
Dosage: Recommended daily intake: One row of capsules/tablets, comprising of two omega-3 capsules, one vitamin tablet and one calcium tablet.
Warnings/side effects Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
Nutritional supplements should not be used as an alternative to a varied diet. It is important to maintain a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Lifeline Care Breastfeeding is a combined Omega 3, multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Childbirth and breastfeeding are both physically demanding. The woman's body has to change dramatically in order to supply energy and nutrition to the newborn baby through breast milk. It is important to provide the body with all the nutrients necessary during breastfeeding, not only to ensure normal development of your baby but also to support and cover the needs of the mother. When breastfeeding, the baby has priority and gets all its nutrients from breast milk. This puts a strain on the mother's stores of essential nutrients, and it is important to supplement these so the needs of both the baby and mother are met. Each package contains 30 daily doses. The product contains all the nutrients recommended for lactating women by the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

PureMax™ Omega-3 triglycerides is a high-quality omega-3 supplement that is particularly concentrated and purified (free of environmental toxins). Omega-3 oils are essential fatty acids. They are necessary for a child’s normal growth and development, and form part of a balanced diet for both adults and children.

Lifeline Care Breastfeeding has a high content of omega-3 and is particularly rich in DHA fatty acid, which contributes to a child’s development

The vitamins and minerals in Lifeline Care Breastfeeding are present in the quantities indicated by the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations for a breastfeeding woman. Essential vitamins are included to ensure that the mother’s needs are fulfilled while at the same time the baby is receiving the nutrients it needs for normal healthy development. In this way the interests of both mother and baby are taken care of, and the mother will experience a quicker recovery from childbirth and enhanced well-being.

We use a unique combination of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, derived from milk. The calcium is absorbed better than other types of calcium by pregnant women. Calcium is necessary for normal bone development in children.

Lifeline Care has been developed by Norwegian doctors and pharmacists, is based on highly recognised research and complies with the Norwegian and Nordic recommendations for breastfeeding women.

Lifeline Care Breastfeeding is recommended from birth of your baby and at least as long as you breastfeed. From four weeks of age you are recommended to give your baby Omega-3 and vitamin-D. We recommend you to use Lifeline Care CHILD.

Product information

The product may contain traces of milk. The gelatine in the product is a beef product (not pork) and is Halal and Kosher certified.

They should be stored at room temperature out of reach of children.
Manufactured in Norway/the EU in accordance with GMP.

  • From four weeks’ old we recommend Lifeline Care Child with Omega-3 and Vitamin D for your baby.



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